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about 1 year ago
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We had a thread going yesterday but now it seems to be missing in action.
Got several Private Messages with a bunch of questions about dock rental in Fort Lauderdale, here is a few answers that may be of general interest:
1) This is about residential docks for rent, not commercial or marina docks.
2) In this neighborhood there are no living aboard as there are no pump-out facilities and the canals are not zoned for liveaboards or commercial docking.
3) 98% of the dockage are Docks, not slips. (Alongside, not between piers)
4) The going rate is $12 per foot per month, $10 extra to run a 110v fan (per month) Air Condition 24/7 not included, guessing $40-50 per month extra.
5) Water for washdown is usually included.
5) This area is 3 miles inland and a good hurricane hole, it fills up quick with a named storm on the horizon, some folks even pay to reserve the dock in case of a storm, otherwise the dock is empty.
6) I don't charge for finding docks, just helping fellow boaters out. Most of the dock owners drop a case of beer on my door step, or buy me dinner if they get a contract.
Only once has this gig gone sour, what yesterday's thread was all about.
From now on security deposit for everybody.
Picture of a typical residential dock in my area: