Blue Sea 7600 Battery Combiner

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Blue Sea 7600 Battery Combiner
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Battery Combiner - Blue Sea BatteryLink ACR
PN7600 - $50.00 + postage
The Blue Sea BatteryLink Automatic Charging Relay [Current Limiting] with Overcurrent Protection
Automatically combines battery banks during the charging cycle and isolates under discharge
Limits current flow allowing smaller wire size
Adjustable high voltage disconnect
Adjustable low voltage disconnect and combine voltages
Activates from any charging sourcealternators, battery chargers, or solar panels
Senses charge voltages on up to two battery banks
Ignition protectedsafe for installation aboard gasoline powered boats
Noise free circuitry will not interfere with other devices
Low current draw when closed: Rather than trying to manually switch battery switches to keep multiple batter banks charged which can result in total loss of all the interconnected battery banks should a fault happen, the installation of a battery combiner or "automatic charge relay - ACR" can take care of your multiple battery banks while you do other more exciting things.This Blue Sea Battery Link 7600 also serves to limit the charging current being sent to your auxiliary battery bank to prevent a possible electrical fire. Theoretically we should all have large bus fuses on the positive battery cable lead to prevent a run-away battery or accidental high amperage discharge from starting a fire. New boats have them, but a lot of older boats don't unless the owner has the boat retrofitted.
The current limiting function of the CL-Series BatteryLink ACR (PN 7600) can be used to limit this current from main battery to auxiliary battery. It limits the current to 60A in a 25C ambient temperature environment. If the current exceeds 60A, the resistance in the BatteryLink&trade ACR's current limiting circuit increases to limit the current. Therefore, the cables that carry the charging current need be no larger than #6 or #4 Gauge AWG.What I specifically like about the Blue Sea BatteryLink 7600 is the ability to manually set the combine voltage and the high voltage disconnect points. You can choose what you want instead of the unit being factory fixed to only one setting.
This allows you to compensate for battery cable or line loses and insure accurate and complete charging of your batteries.
AGM batteries usually require a different charging voltage than liquid lead acid batteries and you can do these adjustments yourself with a little screwdriver and a good set of eyeglasses.
Additonally there are provisions for connecting a remote LED indicator to tell you when the unit is combining the battery banks.
And you can also connect a simple SPDT switch to the unit and control when the unit is "on" or "off" or on "Automatic" sensing. I like that. A simple glance at the indicator LED and I know what the Battery Combiner is doing.
Call me "old fashioned" but I like to be in charge.
2 Minute Rating
120A DC
7 Minute Rating
90A DC
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Current Limiting
60A @ 25C ambient
Input Voltage
9-16V DC
Mechanical Endurance
1.000.000 Cycles
Terminal Stud Size
3/8" (M10)
Voltage Rating
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