38' Jupiter For Sale, New Electronics, Stereo, Engines; Full Tower

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38' Jupiter For Sale, New Electronics, Stereo, Engines; Full Tower
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Hi there! Putting a feeler out for my 38' Jupiter. I'm looking at going smaller, something I can just barely put on a trailer if desired. I would consider trades for the right boat, particular in the Jupiter, Sea Vee, Yellowfin, Invincible, Deep Impact, and similar brands.
I've done quite a bit to it, list is below. Basically if you wanted to purchase a used 38' and redo it, I've done it for you.
I would be willing to pull electronics and be flexible on how the boat is acquired, but they are new so.... It is arguably better than new, last project is to replace the coming (which I can have done prior to purchase if desired), and replacing the seat fabrics (ditto). While they aren't destroyed they take away from what otherwise is a nearly perfect vessel. Everything else is well over what you'd expect.
Items of note:
-2005 Jupiter Forward seating.
-Re-powered in July 2011 with twin F350 4-stokes. Engines under warranty until 5/19/2015, a little under 900 hours currently.
-All Simrad electronics, all new in 2012. Install is an NSS12, NSS8, an NSE8 up top, BSM-1 sounder with 1k transducer. Sat weather module. Simrad/Northstar 4k Open Array radar, GS15 GPS, EP85 fuel module, full link with F350 outboards. Sidescan module. Basically everything but chirp!
-In 2011, the entire exterior of the vessel was repainted with Awlgrip.
-In 2010, isinglass enclosure was added, covers were redone/replaced.
-Upper station is complete with full controls, Simrad, remote for stereo, speakers, VHF, the works. All new and installed in 2012.
-Entire tower was removed and repainted with awgrip in 2012. Like new. T-Top materials were also replaced in 2012. Like new.
-Rub rail was replaced all the way around, the old one was yellowing. Really helps the boat look new - you'd be amazed.
-Stereo is amazing. Fusion IP-700 head unit with upper station control and built-in wireless. You can control stereo from your phone. 4 10" subs, 4 8" coaxials, 4 6.5" coaxials. Three amps, twin house batteries, 50 amp charger. Optional 10" tower speakers. All high end Wetsounds. Loud as hell, absolutely clear.
-Lots of other details like an EPIRB, refinishing, etc that I'm forgetting about but will show if you see the vessel.
• L.O.A., with Engine Platform: 38' 2"
• Beam: 10' 7"
• Max HP Rating: 1,050 HP
• Bridge Clearance: 14.5' with tower up, 11'~ down. (the roof is retractable if absolutely required)
• Deadrise, Forward: 60?
• Deadrise, Aft : 24?
• Draft, Motors Up: 24"
• Draft, Motors Down: 36"
• Fuel Capacity: 330 gallons
• Water Capacity: 50 gallons
• Displacement, Dry with Engines(approx): 11,780 lbs.
• Operating Weight (Approx): 13,350 lb
• Top Speed: 56 MPH
• Cruise Speed: 38 MPH
• Fuel Economy at Cruise: 1.4 mpg (27.5 gph)
Normally loaded with 1/2 fuel and a small group of people the boat will easily give you 1.2 at cruise of 35mph or so and eeek out 50mph top end. Light I can get 1.4 at cruise and 52mph. Fully loaded with full fuel, water, crew of 6 plus fishing gear and beer I'll see 1.0-1.1 at a cruise of around 34-36mph. Top end heavily fully loaded is around 47-48mph or so.
All of the above is with bottom paint, which is Vivid white and you can't tell it has bottom paint. We ran it up the chine and avoided the bootstripe. (it was done right)
I'm asking $199,999.00.
Pictures at this link:
If you want to see how meticulous I am, I documented the entire tower project and shared with the forum. It was done properly.
Here's the thread: http://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-...r-project.html
Here's a couple pictures from the gallery for appetizers.

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