2007 CP Performance 35 hours, must sell!

over 3 years ago
 2007 CP Performance 35 hours, must sell!
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This is a 2007 CP Performance (Rouse) with a 502 Indmar, Legend jet, Custom open bow and was rigged by GS to perfection. We have had the boat out twice. Once when we purchased it from the original owner and just recently to see if my fianc?e would be ok with it. We found out she will not be able to endure riding in a boat for some time due to our recent motorcycle accident where she was severely injured. I hate to see it just sit for two years while she is in rehab. It would cost 55 to 60,000 to replace it as it sits now. This was our first boat so if you need specific information Greg Shoemaker may be a better person to talk to as he did all the work on it. I hope he doesn't mind me giving his name out for this.
28,000 OBO. Thank you.
Anyone serious can have their mechanic go through it prior to purchase.