31 ft Oceanmaster Boat hull for sale, will ship in USA

over 4 years ago
31 ft Oceanmaster Boat hull for sale, will ship in USA
Mike Brown
Available on
Diego Garcia

I have two Oceanmaster 31 ft hulls. I will sell only one. I bought two to be allowed to purchase one. One has light gunwale damage but it does not involve the hull. Easy fix.
I am planning to build an aluminum cuddy and house on one of the hulls. The other will sell and I don't care which one sells. The undamaged hull is $13,000 and the damaged one is $7500.
I will also consider a trade for a couple large 4 stroke engines in good shape.
One boat still has it's center console, the other does not. I do not need a CC for the cabin I will put on one.
These belonged to the Navy and were used in Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean to take sailors tuna and marlin fishing. If you have to ask about the ability of an Oceanmaster, you are not ready for one yet. Oceanmaster.com Look up customer stories and you will see the actual two boats I have back when they were still being used every day. They are 1996 year models and I have the paperwork you need to get the title in your state.
I have friends with long haul trucks available so can arrange shipping at your expense.
$13,000 and $7500 or trade for FOUR STROKE outboards.