2013 25' Lighting Bay Master - Project Boat $11,000 obo

almost 6 years ago
2013 25' Lighting Bay Master - Project Boat $11,000 obo
Todd UNF
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I am selling a project boat I have been working on the last few months. It was built as the personal boat for the owner of Lightning Bay sometime in 2012. It was built and rigged out with a Mercury 300XS. It was then stolen and all rigging was removed and the owner got the boat back. It sat for a few months and then I purchased it as a project boat. Apparently since the builder made the boat for himself it was never titled so he issued the original title to me as a 2013.
Unfortunately after I purchased the boat I got assigned to a project out of town so now I am only home on the weekends and do not have time to complete it the way it should be done. At this point I just need to cut my losses and buy a boat I can enjoy now. Since buying the boat I stripped all the remaining rigging and opened up the cockpit area. I also closed in a some speaker holes the previous owner had made. I am about 75% complete with the glass and fairing work and planned to redo the entire top deck when I sprayed the cockpit. I will include the trailer with the boats(2003 Magic Tilt tandem aluminum); not bad shape overall but needs some tires. The boat is located in Orlando and can be shown on the weekends. Let me know if you have any questions or want to come by and see the boat. Email me at tnolunf@yahoo.com