Inmarsat Isatphone and Spot Connect

7 months ago
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We've switched to Iridium for the Go's unlimited data plan.
Inmarsat Isatphone Pro- $100 plus shipping
We used it across the Atlantic in 2014 for text and calls. Originally went with Inmarsat due to their low price prepaid plans which is still a much better value than Iridium for most. Now, we need to connect more so have switched to Iridium.
It was stored for the past three years in our ditch bag... apparently next to hard and sharp object which cracked the outer plastic on the screen. The rubber surround is also gummy. This is not in good cosmetic condition, but still functions correctly. Note- it is no longer waterproof due to screen crack!
Spot Connect (black) and Spot messenger 2nd Gen (orange) -$25 each plus shipping
I don't know much about these. They were on the boat when we bought them. I've tested them and they both turn on, but being sold as-is. Shipping via USPS would be $6 anywhere in the continental US.

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