36' BHM: Biggest Little Boat in the Bay

about 7 years ago
36' BHM: Biggest Little Boat in the Bay
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Located in Babylon, this boat has been my dream boat for serious sport/commercial fishing and commercial crabbing for the past 15 years. Launched in 1991 but don't let the age fool you. This is a rock solid boat for inshore and offshore fishing as well as lobstering. Built by the original BHM (Blue Hill Marine) boat builders before Duffy and the ABC bought them out and screwed them up by cheaping out on materials. These boats were originally designed and built to be heavy and solid. She loves carrying weight and earns her keep. The only limit: how much can you catch? Fifty yellowfin tuna, iced to perfection.....no problem.
Although the boat is rigged for blue crabbing and lobstering (I never pulled a single lobster pot with her so no scratches on hull), all the commercial equipment is easily removed and we do so on a regular basis. Beneath the table and along side gunwale are thirteen rod holders for tuna fishing. The starboard cabin side is hinged to open in and exposes the the stainless/bronze lobster hauler which we use for deep water anchoring while tuna fishing in the canyons or offshore wreck fishing. The CAT 3208 T/A 375 HP and Twin Disc 2.5:1 have 800 hours since new replacement. These are not rebuilt and they work flawlessly. The BHM 36 is a solid commercial work boat which can fish when the sporty boats are going home. Although not a speed demon, she will cruise loaded at a true 17 knots @ 2500 RPM and top out at 22 knots @ WOT. Canyon trips, completely loaded and carrying 2000 pounds of ice, I usually burn 180 gallons of # 2 heating oil. Cats love it.
Reason for selling: Been there, done that and had a blast. I've had Bertrams to Makos, Longliners to Clammers and just about everything in between. Hands down, this boat has been my all time favorite and parting with it will be a sad day for me but a joy for someone else who is really into fishing. My wife and I have decide to move on to something else and are looking to buy a long range cruiser/liveaboard. This boat is in the water and used on a regular basis year round. Trials can easily be arranged.
Priced to sell @ $90,000.
P.S.: For those of you who may have kept old issues of the "National Fisherman" circa 1992-1994, the photo used for the half page ad placed by BHM during those years was this boat.