Inflatable Standup Paddleboards

over 2 years ago
Inflatable Standup Paddleboards
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I have a supply of SUP's that have been returned to the manufacturer (by a major national retailer). They have all been inspected, tested and all parts are complete and in good condition.
I sell them for $300 + $35 S&H (to the 48 States).
(They are also listed on eBay under seller dheaslip).
The board is strong - it's double layer for strength, the board easily supports both me and my kid (up to 270 lbs) and the handle is height adjustable. It comes with all the necessary parts (pump, leash, fin, ankle strap, etc.) in a neat carrying bag.
You may find cheaper SUP's online, but check the details. Every board I've found below $300 is only 24" wide and 4" thick. That's not going to be rigid or stable. Jimmy Styks is a high quality brand (based in Huntington Beach) and this is a great price.
I have two SUP's myself, one is rigid and the other is one of these inflatables, which I bought three years after the rigid one. Since buying the inflatable, the rigid one hasn't left the storage rack in the garage. The inflatable is just so much easier to transport and gives me the same level of fun. Plus I can just leave it in the truck all the time so I'm always ready. My kids love using it, especially for skurfing (they're on the SUP and I tow them from a 25HP dinghy - it's awesome).
We just sold a ton at a local sailing convention in Newport Beach - they're great for boats because you can deflate them and stow them away.
Email me if you're interested (or check them out on eBay Jimmy Styks I32 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package | eBay )