Reverse cycle marine air conditioner

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Reverse cycle marine air conditioner
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Ocean Marine reverse cycle air conditioner for sale. $950 plus shipping.
I recently purchased Invictus, a Nordic Tug 32 which was equipped with two of these units. Thinking we would not need air conditioning cruising around the Bella Coola/Hakai Pass area, I removed one and sold it, leaving one installed to hedge my bet. After the 2012 cruising season we decided that we definitely do not need air conditioning so I have now removed the second unit.
Here are the specs: Manufactured by Ocean Marine, 9,000 BTU, 9 amps, 115V, c/w remote digital control panel/display, wiring harnesses, owner's manuals, some ducting, and the electronic control unit (not pictured) that coordinates the units (one or two) and the pump to work together. Also included is the water pump">raw water pump and some fittings. The pump is required to supply the water to the unit. This unit was sufficient to cool (or heat) the wheelhouse and stateroom on my boat.
The number of hours of use is unknown but I suspect it has been only very lightly used judging by how clean it is. There wasn't even any dust on it. The beauty of this unit is that with a push of a button you can also heat your boat. Another nice feature is that the control allows the fan speed to be varied, pretty handy when full capacity is not required.
This is a complete kit for installation. There are four owner's manuals with detailed installation instructions, wiring schematics, and operation/maintenance instructions. All you would have to provide: raw water pickup, water supply hoses, breaker/power supply, miscellaneous hardware for mounting, vent covers/louvers.
I can send more photos if needed. I will crate it and ship it anywhere in North America.

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