Sea Tiger 555 2-Speed Manual Windlass (Long Beach, CA)

about 1 year ago
North American
Available on
Cruiser Forum
Long Beach, CA

Price: $450 + shipping
Location: Long Beach, California (Los Angeles county)
**I thought this was accounted for, but that turned out not to be the case. Therefore, I'm re-listing**
This Simpson Lawrence Sea Tiger 555 is in good working condition (it's the only one I have ever used so have nothing to compare it to). It includes the RCB70 (combination chain + rope) gypsy, steel handle and instruction manual. The ID plate says this is # 886012.
The RCB70 gypsy is designed to be used with:
American BBB 3/8"
Hi Test 3/8"
Most European 10 mm
S-L 0058004 / 0058202 9.5 mm
I have been using this with short link 5/16" G30 and 9/16 nylon rode, it worked great with no hangs.

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