SEA 235 SSB/Ham Radio, Tuner, Cables

almost 2 years ago
North Pacific
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For sale: used SEA-235 SSB/Ham radio, SEA-1612C tuner, cables and original manuals - $700 + Shipping US.
I'm located in Los Angeles, CA.
I bought the SEA 235 SSB/Ham radio from another CF member in 2013.
I had it tested and tuned by the SEA technical support in Seattle Washington, and they also replaced the power connection and screen.
I've used the radio on two trips to Mexico and recently on the Pacific Cup race to Hawaii.
The radio and tuner work great and folks have commented that the radio sounds good.
I'm selling it because it doesn't fit well in our boat -- I installed it in the aft cabin
which is not a very usable location.
I recently bought an Icom M802 with the remote control unit which fits in our nav-station.
The SEA 235 radio is still manufactured and supported by Sea Comp (SEA Marine Page).
I've been very happy with the radio and I've found the SEA technical support very helpful.
The documentation is much better than the ICOM M802's and there's plenty of supporting documents on Internet.
Using this radio, I learned a lot about SSB and Ham operations.
The SEA-235 is a 150 watt, digital, DSP radio that works in both SSB and Ham modes.
To put in Ham mode, simply enter 73+FUNC on the keypad.
The radio has 200 user programmable bins, 242 ITU SSB Duplex, 72 ITU SSB Simplex channels. The radio support scan groups (adjacent channels).
Unlike the Icom M802, it is very easy to manually enter Rx/Tx frequencies using the keypad.
Overall, I found the radio easier to use than the Icom M802.
SEA-235 SSB/Ham radio, mic, mounting bracket, aux cooling fan
8' 8AWG power cable with factory installed SEA radio power connector (blue)
40' 4 conductor interconnect cable
8 pin DIN DB9 serial 'Y' cable for connecting to Pactor modem and remote control (Pactor modem not included)
SEA-1612C Tuner
SEA 2351 Installation Manual (also have electronic PDF that I can email)
SEA 235 Operator's Manual (laminated, well used) (also have eletronic PDF, not laminated, though)
SEA 1612-C
Automatic Antenna Tuner Instruction and Maintenance Manual
This is solid radio, easy to use and works great.
Please ask if you have any questions.
Thank you,