75 Howard runner bottom

almost 5 years ago
 75 Howard runner bottom
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Santa Barbara county California

1975 Howard 3/8 runner. Boat is solid and clean. Nice floors. Casale v-drive with whirl-away. 15 gears. 11/4x16 record prop. 459 BBC aluminum rods. 14to1 compression. Two carb shop 1050 dominators. Have a lot more motor info if interested. Pm me or email me. Tholley525@hotmail.com. Boat sits on a tandem axle trailer with newer tires. Boat runs straight and hard. Motor spins up over 8'000 rpm with that gear and prop. Open the offers and trades. Don't waste my time with junk and low ball offers. We all know what goes into these projects and I know I'll never get what I have into it. Would possibly trade for mid 60's nova or chevelle. I've got a boat to do circles now and can't afford both so here it is. Numbers and name are stickers and can be removed. Boat is located in northern Santa Barbara county California. (805)896-2840