Colbing pocket storage unit

over 5 years ago
Colbing pocket storage unit
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Hingham MaBoat: Ericson 28 - Cool Change

The pocket came off an O day 28. I bought it at the local salvage yard for my 1987 ericson 28 (lord knows why Ericson 28's were made without these).
All was going to plan until I noticed that the Ericson 28 combings are not straight. There is a gentle curve to them - makes it nice on the back but impossible to install my newfound combing pocket. So my loss is your gain. I paid $25 for it and would like to recoup my inventment. These used to be sold by Worst marine for over $100. I would estimate shipping to be around $25. (pardon the picture - taken on top of the ironing board)
The unit will fit in an opening approx 6 x 6 x 18