Hookah outfit & tank

almost 6 years ago
Hookah outfit & tank
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I have a complete used hookah outfit available for sale for US$500. If purchased separately you would be looking at about US$900+ worth of stuff.
It consists of a aluminum scuba tank, 100 ft of hose (Airline by J Sink) & 1st stage regulator, and a Ocean Reef Neptune II full face mask along with rapid connect hoses.
I used it to clean the boat's bottom. It has the full face mask - Neptune II that keeps your entire face dry and keeps all the little critters and debris while bottom cleaning away from your face. You keep the scuba air tank on the boat/dinghy and only wear the face mask which has a belt for going around your waist. It is a fantastic system in that you don't need a B.C. or any of the other paraphernalia. Of course you could also use it to dive shallow reefs with the tank kept in your dinghy.