Brand New Rouse 19' gullwing

over 6 years ago
 Brand New Rouse 19' gullwing
River Dad
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Riverside, CA

Brand new bare hull, not one hole in it. 600 lb river layup with killer fades. Has 1 1'4" stringers with lowered false floor. This would make a killer river boat...
My brother and I have decided to consolidate and build one river rod instead of investing in two. Not sure which one will sell first, but we will see.... This was the last boat out of the new Rouse gullwing mold before Scotten purchased the mold to use in addition to the original CP 19'. I will take $8000 for this hull. Prices have gone up considerably in the last year and this is about 3k less than the going rate for a new hull. I guarantee this deal to be impossible to beat for a new hull with multipole fades, etc etc.
Don't wait long!!!