For Sale: Pro One-Man Mast Climbing Rig with Premium Bolsun Chair

almost 4 years ago
For Sale: Pro One-Man Mast Climbing Rig with Premium Bolsun Chair
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Sold my boat. I’m selling my pro-model one-man mast climbing rig. The system uses a 3:1 block & tackle arrangement with a pro-model bosun’s chair. Once the double-block is raised to the top of the mast using a halyard, the climber has the option to pull themselves up or have a deck hand easily crank them up. The climber can easily lock the tackle at any height by utilizing the provided jam cleat attached to the lower block.
Included in this setup a professional quality bolsun chair (original cost $175), 170 feet of ?” nylon line (usable lift 45’), a stainless Schaefer 7 series swivel block, a Schaefer jam cleat, and a Ronstan RF866 swivel double block. The block & tackle setup alone is over $400.
Also included is a Sospenders safety harness, a $60 value. With a second halyard running along the mast, it’s an easy matter to attach this harness with a sliding prussic knot to have a completely redundant safety backup.
I will sell the entire package for $300 plus actual shipping charges (22 pounds from 33064). Email me at

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