Pearson 18 packet, Duffy, aft rail chock

over 1 year ago
Pearson 18 packet, Duffy, aft rail chock
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Greetings all.
Excited to join this forum and share all my work on my 1983 Duffy 18 Packet.
I am searching for an aft rail chock, it is a curved brass piece that lives at aft corners and matches the teak rail to wrap around the corner. I've attached two pictures of the one I have.
The boat was made for Duffy Electric Boats by W.D. Shock, and is a replica of the Pearson 18 Packet, which came in several sailboat and powerboat configurations and I see they had the same rail chocks in the aft end.
Also open to any leads you can provide. Duffy hasn't been able to help thus far.
Many thanks,
Benjamin Saunders
1983 Duffy 18 Packet