`New top mount starter, bellhousing, driveshaft cover

over 1 year ago
`New top mount starter, bellhousing, driveshaft cover
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Complete setup to locate starter up top.
Used with existing 3/8ths engine rear mount plate.
Comes with peterson made flywheel
and driveshaft cover.
Starter is chromed and is 3 horsepower.
Rest is highly polished aluminum.
Fully adjustable. --
$500 for complete setup.
Brand new set of arp head
studs for brodix aluminum blocks with dart pro one or 360 style heads.
Summit price is $319. - $185.
Brand new 1350 series spicer driveshaft end yoke that fits the jetaway.
Comes with new strap kit.
Summit was $175 with straps.-- $125.
Like new Leash Electronics 2 stage timer.
Used very little and works great.
Cost $250 new.-- $150
Brand new fully polished one wire denso 50 amp racing alternator.
Cost $250 new. --- $150
Location in shreveport, louisiana 71108
318-687-9088 or 318-470-1482