Stearns ISS-590i Cold Water Immersion

about 3 years ago
Stearns ISS-590i Cold Water Immersion
Porta-Bote International
James Alberding
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Stearns ISS-590i Cold Water Immersion Suit
Full adult universal immersion suits. I have 7 suits, bought for the entire crew when my grandfather did offshore races. I have grown far too large for these universal 110lb-330lb sized suits (I am 6'6" tall and 360lbs) and want to sell all of them to raise money for a new roller furler.
I'd like to get $150 each. New, these ran $480.
The name of the original vessel will be blacked out and you will have to identify your vessel as per the USCG requirements.
Designed for the most severe offshore conditions. Features include 100% neoprene construction, face shield that allows 120 unrestricted vision, waterproof zipper, attached full-finger gloves, marine whistle, light pocket, retro-reflective materials front and back. Suit is International Safety Orange and is still in its original orange storage bag. European MED approved and complies with SOLAS 74/96.
body weight 110 to 330 lbs.
max. height 6'3"
model ISS-590i
James Alberding
SV Red Shift