125A High Output Yanmar Fit Alternator

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125A High Output Yanmar Fit Alternator
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Hi All,
A customer decided on a bigger alternator after I had just finished installing this one. It has never been run just installed, then removed. It was wired then removed for a 180A alternator.
This is not a wimpy automotive alternator. I custom manufacturer these to my own stringent specifications including paying for marine certifications.
It is set up for a tach output for those Yanmar's that run the tach off the alternator. This alternator is hand made in America with US labor. It is set up for external regulation only and has no internal regulator. I can also sell it as a package with a Balmar MC-614 regulator..
Special features:
*Hand wound stator - 14GA wire means better cooling.
*Precision machined rotor and slip rings for greater contact at all RPM.
*Tight tolerance stator/rotor gap for better performance. A feature not found in standard alternators.
*Precision milled stators utilizing a special dacron/mylar insulator. The industry norm is paper..
*Rotor is precision balanced to .025 ounce inches. Industry norm is .050 - .090. This means SMOOTH operation and less harmonics...
*Motorola 50A press fit diodes! Industry standards are no-name Chinese button diodes and 30A rated. These diodes carry a performance rating to 300F.
*Internal wire leads are ultra high temperature acrylic coated fiberglass insulation sleeves not cheap rubber sleeving.
*Brushes are high copper content composite not run of the mill carbon brushes. This yields superior conductivity and considerably longer life.
*This alternator is isolated ground and the neg terminal is 100% isolated from the case. This is a significant upgrade over cheap case ground alternators. Both the positive and negative studs are 5/16" not wimpy 1/4" or #10 studs. These studs are bolted directly to the rectifier bridge for the best possible connection. Industry standard is a compression fit.
*Even the cooling fan is stainless steel..
I sell this alternator for $599.00 and offer a better alternator than most competitors, and for less money.
Because this one was installed, but never run, I am selling it for $100.00 less.
$499.00 for the alt plus US shipping
$780.00 for the alt plus Balmar MC-614 regulator (brand new) plus shipping
compassmarineservices at gmail dot com
I can install either a 1/2" pulley or 3/8" which ever your engine is set up for.

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