Hydro parts / misc parts

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Hydro parts / misc parts
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Parting out a hydro after my friends passing. I might not be right on pricing for hydro parts so if I'm off make me an offer.
Anything can be delivered for FREE to Long Beach (or anywhere between Fresno and Long Beach) on August 6th (Sprint boat races). So speak up and save the shipping on the big things.
No PayPal, I don't have it. Best way to get in touch is to call 559-270-1162, Jeff.
Almost complete outboard steering, cable system. Its all there except the rudder. Steering wheel, dash post, shaft, sprocket, chain, cable, etc all the way to clamshell. Just re polished, not 100% show quality but definitely nice. $ 350
Complete air shift system. Everything including 2 full bottles, both bottles are the same (only one bottle shown), regulator with liquid filled gauges, valve, hoses, cylinder, mounting bracket for V-drive, shift arm, and two bottle brackets. $ 275 ???
9 deg (I think) strut with custom super strong strut braces 1 1/8" shaft. Braces measure 25 1/4" wide. This strut is only 1 1/2 seasons old.
$250 ???
Precision prop, very nice prop. 1 1/8" shaft, 11 5/8 x 16.
$ 300
12 deg V-drive, 54 gears in it (57s and a lightened 60s sets available separate), tapered bearings, water jackets removed, wirl-a-way, 1 1/8 output shat, 1 1/4" input shaft, 3/8" mid plate (25 1/2" wide), cases are black powder coat, two year old rebuild with a new input shaft when built. Will need a locking shifter, or the air shift above.
$ 800 ???

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