Brass Anchor Light

over 3 years ago
Brass Anchor Light
Sailing Drummer
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In Wilmington DE 19802Beautiful Brass Anchor Light (4" lens) with a polished and lacquered finish runs on oil.
Model # 8611/0. This would make a beautiful present for yourself!
bought this lamp new as a damaged lamp. There was a dent in the bottom
and the screw-on bottom for the reservoir would not fit. I straightened
it out and now it fits. I tested it out to make sure it would work
without any problems and it was fine. This is as "good as new" except
for repaired bottom.
Although it is fine and works, I am selling it as an ornamental lamp. New this lamp sells for over $300 on many sites on the web including Weems and Plath.
I'd like to get $89 USD plus shipping.

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