Speed Pro Forged BBC Pistons & rods

almost 3 years ago
Speed Pro Forged BBC Pistons & rods
Raizel Speed
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Hello all,
I have a set of L2399 Speed Pro BBC Pistons for Mark IV Chevrolet BBC.
They are +0.060".
I have 8 Pistons that ran for a pretty short period of time in an engine that let go of some valves.
So, there are some dings on the tops.
My engine guy checked them out and said that they could be run w/o issue.
No rings included.
Uses standard ring pack.
My engine builder and I had determined that I would buy one replacement piston (about $85 each from Summit), just to error on the side of caution.
I have NOT bought the new one, so you can decide if you want to run them or replace one.
They are still readily available for purchase as single Pistons.
I also have a set of stock BBC rods w/ ARP bolts, that have been lightened & balanced (with a different set of Pistons).
Good, solid set of forged Pistons for cheap!!
I am am looking for $225 SHIPPED to lower 48 states.
I'm moving and trying to thin out some parts before I do.