Vintage Powerboat, Hot Boat, Boating News magazines

over 1 year ago
Vintage Powerboat, Hot Boat, Boating News magazines
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Hello all! I just joined your forum. Looks like a happening place. Any who, the reason I'm here is because my grandfather Ed Marshall used to race flat bottom power boats back in the 50's-70's. He's long since passed but I was moving into my new place a few months back and came across a large collection of Powerboat, Hot Boat, and Boating News magazines from the early 1960's to the late 1070's. Also, some old Salton Sea 500 Official racing programs. I'm currently in the process of scanning each magazine cover and compiling a digital library so I can show anyone interested. I've got a whole slew of them and am looking to sell them to a collector. If anyone is interested you can PM me. I'll check back periodically for messages. Thanks!