Header Evac Kit, Ford Engine Parts, Blower Intake, Stroker Kit, Blocks, BBC Zoomies

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Header Evac Kit, Ford Engine Parts, Blower Intake, Stroker Kit, Blocks, BBC Zoomies
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Your common exhaust header evac kit, brand new. $30
____________________________________BBF 4.3 Stroke Rotating Assembly, will not be separatedScat 4.300" cast steel crankshaft, cleaned & magged, fresh turn & polish 0.010"/0.010", perfect: ($275)Brand new CAT 6.700" 4340 chromoly H-beam rods: ($350)Brand new KB403-020 pistons for 4.38" bore, 30cc dish: ($400)Internally balanced, with mallory slugs: ($175)Compression ratio with 75cc heads: 10.2:1Compression ratio with 95cc heads: 8.9:1(Total cost to put it together: $1200)Rotating assembly offered for: $875
--------------------------------Ford C9VE cylinder block, fresh tear down, standard bore, sonic checked and deemed good to 4.44" bore: $350 with sonic check sheet
--------------------------------Ford C9VE heads, bare, cleaned and magged, ported intake and exhaust, standard valve seat diameters, ready for machine work & assy: $500
--------------------------------Package Deal Option: All parts listed above (balanced stroker rotating assembly, std bore block, ported heads): $1600
____________________________________D0VE-A Block, 0.030" bore: $400D9TE-AB Block, std bore: $300Both blocks sold together: $650
Buy a block and I will sonic check it at a 50% discount.
Buy both blocks and I will sonic check both at a 66% discount.
We can secure blocks onto a pallet and ship. Personal delivery inside California possible.
Custom fabricated blower intake for Ford 429 460 engine with standard port configuration, ie, bolt pattern for the carbed heads with oval passenger car ports, Police Interceptor ports, or Super Cobra Jet ports, C8VE, C9VE, D0VE, D0OE-R, D1VE, D2VE, D2OE, D3VE, A429 Aluminum, SCJ Aluminum, Edelbrock, TFS Street/Strip (not A460), Blue Thunder CJ (not Thor), etc. This is an NHRA legal blower intake with SFI approved Blast Plate added (a $300 component, plus the machining and welding installation labor), injector nozzle ports (can be plugged), etc. The water exit passage is deleted for low distributor fitment (distributor/blower clearance) but you may plumb your own water line attachments if you are running water. This intake manifold worked excellently for us, just changing our engine program now. Based on overall design, fitment, and workmanship, this is among the nicest blower intakes we have seen for these heads. Asking $650.
Rewarder Zoomies for BBC or Ford A460 heads, swept back, 2.25" tubes, ceramic/aluminized (or whatever) coating. Flanges sawed to allow individual cylinder installation & removal.
I'll dig up pics in a few days. $300
All prices are "plus shipping."
Personal delivery inside California possible.
Serious inquiries please call HFD directly if interested.

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