2007 Sea Hunt 232 w 225 Coming in Aug/Sept

almost 4 years ago
2007 Sea Hunt 232 w 225 Coming in Aug/Sept
Sea Hunt
Available on
Tampa Bay

I signed a contract on a Contender 28 this morning
and it should be delivered in late Aug/early Sept. When it arrives at the dealer, I will list my current boat which is a 2007 model year that was bought in Oct of 2006, so the engine is a 2006.
I use the boat every weekend, but current hours are 480
Garmin 5008 MFD
Garmin 18xHD 48 nm radar
Furuno 627 sonar
Have all cushions, service records, ethanol free fuel only, etc.
2011 trailer
Below is a picure taken weekend before last
Will not commit to any numbers right now other than to say I will sell it for the most I can get for it while at the same time wanting to get rid of it ASAP as I only have room for one.
Anyone who will be interested, pm me your info and I will be in touch with all info once the time comes. Will bump/edit this thread as well as the time approaches.
Located in Tampa Bay (as you can tell from picture)