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We've sold the yacht, and now are clearing the shelf, and have many boating books for sale. I will post in several groups, as there are too many for one list. Please contact us if you want several groups, as I am happy to combine postage, where possible. A large prepaid 5kg satchel will cope with a lot of books.
We live in Eastern Australia an hour south of Canberra, so can arrange drop off in Canberra. We come to Sydney & to the Nowra area on a regular basis, so those locations are also possible.
Group 1; Sailing Aids
9 books plus 5 free magazines
1. Australian Seafarers handbook edition 1.0 Australian Hydrographic Service 17/12/04 colour plates Softcover book, lots of illustrations Excellent
2. ThePractical encyclopaedia of Boating An A – Z Compendium
John Vigor 2004 Happy Birthday dedication, hardback Like new
3. DVDcomputer programs, PC, Ship Simulator + Ship Simulator New Horizons 2008 n3vtf4ll 2008 Includes 2 dvds, 2 booklets, in double DVD case/cover Excellent
4. CruisingWorld magazines x 5; Dec 1994, January 1994,December 1993 April 1994, October 1994
5. Don't Shoot the Albatross, Nautical Myths and superstitions Jonathan Eyers 1988 96 B & W sketches
near new conditon
6.Navigation of Small Craft with exercises on the Australian coast Frank Underdown 1976 223 b & W sketches, maps jardcover. OK, a bit tatty looking on the cover
7. HeavyWeather Sailing, Adlard Cole's 6th Edition Peter Bruce 2008
colour plates Hardcover with dustjacket Excellent
8.Sailing, A Pelican book Peter Heaton 1951 240 plates, B & W Bookmark paper and pencil from 1951
OK, yellowed with age, cover a bit dog eared on one edge
9. Spurr's Guide to Upgrading your Cruising Yacht, 3rd edition Daniel Spurr 1991 390 plates, B & W hardcover without dustjacket Excellent, like new
10. The Pocket Oxford Guide to Sailing Terms Ian Dear and Peter Kemp 1987 216 B & W sketches Waterproof plastic cover, A to Z of terms very good
This list is a work in progress and I will put some prices on latter

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