1998 200 Shamrock Pilothouse

over 4 years ago
1998 200 Shamrock Pilothouse
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My 98 Pilothouse with 351 Seamax that I bought in 2008. Replaced the following parts in August of 2012.
- starter
- spark plug wires and caps
- starting solenoid
- 2 new batteries, 1 starting battery and 1 dual purpose
- rebuilt carburetor
- water pump
Oil and all filters recently changed as well.
Overall the boat is in good shape with the following equipment.
- furuno radar
- raytheon fish finder
- VHF and radio
- remote control spot light
- not installed is the old gps as I have been using a handheld map.
Also included is the 2008 5 starr trailer that it sits on.
Asking $12,000
I really don't want to get rid of her as it took so long to find but a change in careers had me relocate to Texas and can't get back north to get her ready to sell. Want to sell before the winter sets in as I uncovered it in the spring to show someone that never showed up.
Let me know if you have any questions. I can try and get new pictures but it may take some time as someone else will have to take them.... i'm stuck in a ship yard right now lol.
You can get to me easiest at my email...
[email protected]
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