555 BBC Long Block

over 1 year ago
555 BBC Long Block
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555 BBClong block.
4 bolt Merc marine 502 block..
bought this as a running boat and sold the boat less engine, now don't need the engine...
I took the heads off to check the bore and stroke and it's a 4.550 bore with a 4.250 stroke.
088 steel heads with stainless valves.
I was told it's a Scat forged bottom end but I am taking the pan off to confirm.
Flat top forged Probe pistons with hydraulic roller cam.
Canton 10qt jet pan.
Complete long block....
I was going to pull it down and freshen it with new rings bearings etc,
but now going another direction.
Can have it freshened very reasonably if needed.
4K located in Lake Elsinore Ca