Suzuki DF140

7 months ago
Suzuki DF140
Shell Lake
Available on
San Antonio

I can't find my other thread. I'm subscribed to it but can't see it on the for sale forum area.
2012 model DF140TL 20" shaft with about 250 hours or so, lots of which are freshwater at Lake Amistad. Brand new ECU and all maintenance done within the last 10 hours... ready to go for another 90 hours. Compression 180, 175, 175, 179.
Link to video of it running, this was sent to me by the dealer today before they pulled it off my boat (I'm having an e-tec installed).
Located in POC but will be in the back of my truck coming back to SA this weekend (26th)
NADA value is giving me $8,075

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