WiFi Hawking Corner Antenna 15db with box

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WiFi Hawking Corner Antenna 15db with box
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1. WiFi
waterproof Box with Hawking Corner Antenna and USB cable (Just Box and Antenna) - $30.00 (plus postage)
2. WiFi waterproof Box with Hawking Corner Antenna and ALPA
b/g powered 1000mw Trans/Receiver. - $50.00 (plus postage)
We used this device on our boat when it was moored in a marina and therefore not subject to changing directions with the wind.
The Hawking Antenna is highly directional and has a 15db gain. to reach out and get a good capture of a shorebased WiFi source.
We mounted it on the side of the pilothouse or you can add railing adaptors and mount it to a lifeline stanchion or something.
You will need a USB extension amplified cable if you plan on working on your computer some distance from the antenna.
USB 2.0 Active Repeater Extension Cable: 5 meters / 16-ft: Chain up to 25 meters / 80 ft
(The best length is the 5 meter active extension cable - longer lengths are available but the line loss gets excessive even with the active amplifier in the cable.)
Type: High-Gain Antenna Frequency: 2.4 GHz Gain: 15 dB Impedance: 50 ohm Nominal Connectors: 1 x Reverse SMA
Hawking Technologies
2.4 GHz Hi-Gain Wireless Corner Antenna, boosts your wireless signal strength from 2-DBi (standard) to 15dBi! A large problem with many wireless networks is the poor coverage area of standard Wireless networks. Hawking solves this problem with a Hi-Gain antenna that attaches directly to the external antenna connector of your Wireless Access Point or Wireless Network Adapter. By increasing the strength of your external wireless antenna, your Wireless Network distance, signal strength and performance is significantly improved. Simply point your Wireless Directional Antenna in the direction of your Access Point or Network Adapter and easily extend your signal range and quality.

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