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3 months ago
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I am a big fan of the Signet SmartPak system. I have a complete system on my boat including all 5 SensePak modules and even the jumbo mast displays. I have collected a number of spares over the years and have decided to sell a few since I haven't needed them. I have the new style SL-250 displays in excellent condition, speed and depth SensePaks, wind SensePak and a Nav SensePak that allows you to interface your GPS to the system. I also have depth transducers and a speed transducer along with many types of SmartPak cables. I am selling the new style SL-250 displays for $200, SensePaks for $79 and transducers for $49. I will include a free buss cable with each SensePak so you can connect it to your system right away. As you know displays presently sell for $615, SensePaks are $500 and transducers are $179 so my prices are more than fair.