Beer Hammocks to hang on lifelines

over 4 years ago
Beer Hammocks to hang on lifelines
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San Francisco

I'm selling Beer Hammocks, crocheted koozies with straps, which can be looped around lifelines or railings or even your neck.
Beer Hammocks are the solution for sailors who need somewhere to place their beer while they tack and jibe. These beer hammocks swing to keep your beverage upright, safely secured to a lifeline or railing. Unlike cupholders, you don't have to drill, and the beer hammock won't get in the way and can easily be moved whenever you switch seats, or even when you go to hang out up on the bow.
Made to order, request a color or color combination and I'll crochet if for you. $15 each, with discounts available for bulk purchase. Available for pick up in San Francisco to eliminate shipping charge.
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