Vitrifrigo Fridge / freezer setup

over 2 years ago
Vitrifrigo Fridge / freezer setup
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I am selling a fully working refrigeration/freezer system that is only around 2 years old - I've pulled it out because I had wet insulation due to a poor air conditioning install and the easiest solution was to cut away the factory molded fridge and replace with a new self contained one (my projects posted on the sailboatowners site - hunter forums / bigger boats).
This is the readily charged quick connect system - install and switch on.
The link below shows the compressor
Vitrifrigo ND50CB3-QV (Old # ND50OR-VFA-GR) Pre-Charged Cooling Unit Danfoss Compressor
Also included is the Evaporator plate that can be bent to fit (as per vitrifrgo's instruction) measuring 23 x 8.3 and the Thermostat.
Everything works as it should

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