WTT 19ft California Performance for a Eliminator 21ft Jet

almost 3 years ago
WTT 19ft California Performance for a Eliminator 21ft Jet
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The wife and I have been kicking around the idea for trading my 1994 California Performance for a CLEAN newer 21ft Eliminator Jet.
Boat MUST be as clean as mine, I don't expect it to be as quick or fast as my 19 but the wife would like to step up to a bigger boat and still enjoy Big river where we boat.
I will miss the speed of my 19' CP as I have spent at least over 20k plus in this the motor in the past 3 yrs and around 6-7k into the pump work and set up from B-1 along with all the other stuff i have put into it.
My boat is a heavier layup but still will run 105 ALL DAY LONG to a top GPS speed of 112 on the nirtous on GPS, motor built by Steve Burl'e and Rich Patterson "Editior" from "Hot Rod magazine.
Ask any of the big river guys or any of the guys from this jet boat section of these forms of my CP, its the real deal 100mph river rocket that runs off of pump gas but yet ive always ran Av gas from Parker air port or 110 VP.
This boat is one of the quickest 19' Gullwings around with plenty of races behind its belt, its won alot of races but has also has lost to a few to lighter Gullwings.
This is a beautiful boat, makes 750hp on motor @ 6500rpm and has a 250hp shot of nitrous-"edelbrock fogger system W-E3 fogger titanimum nossles" that are tapered into the runners so they do not effect the flow of the gas from the carburetor fuel. (very trick) shoot directly down onto the valves all machined and plumed by B-1 racing. This nitrous system can be tuned up to a 500hp shot if your crazy!
496CI BBC,
10;0.1 compression,
scat crank,
scat rods,
4 bolt main
, Edlebrock polished CNC aluminum heads, 355ci ( little too big for this motor) but great if you go bigger CI later on.
Edelbrock tunnel-ram with custom billet top angled so the carbs sit flat with the angle of how jet boat motors sit.
Custom painted scoop to match.
2 Demon 850 Center squirt carbs completely gone through by C&J last year.
I will also be able to trade less motors and pumps.
NOT LOOKING to see the boat "outright", just looking for a equal trade for a 21 Daytona Jet that is clean and not alll beat to shit that needs a bunch of work.
Ah did i mention this boat is beautiful!!!
PM me if interested!