Cruising Guide to the Nova Scotia Coast

about 3 years ago
Cruising Guide to the Nova Scotia Coast
South Coast
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Sailing Nova Scotia - $25.00 plus postage
There is even a thread here on C.F. for Nova Scotia - see:
Sailing Nova Scotia
And this is a cruising guide from the back shelves of OSIRIS - this one about the Nova Scotian coast
including Prince Edward Island; the Magdalens; and Sable Island.
I only got as far north as Boston during the summer I was intending to sail up the Canadian coast.
Seems we are always a day late and a dollar short and in this case the weather was turning cold because we were 3 months late.
Anyway, this guide is fantastic covering such subjects as the charts, publications, navigational aids; Times and distances; Fuel; Customs; and then each region starting with the Bay of Fundy; the Narrows of MInas Basin; New Brunswick; Digby and beyond all the way to Prince Edward Island and the Magdalens.
You can see from the photos attached that this is a loose-leaf binder type book with separate pages for each subject/region. The pages are heavy stock poster type paper that won't tear or wrinkle if you use moderate precaution.
No more "flimsy" tissue paper pages. It has well-drawn sketch charts
with refernces marked to the accompanying text descripton. Also suggested routing into and out of each cove/harbor/anchorage.
Hard cover book versions on this subject are posted at about $107.00 with soft cover type guides at about $45.00
This is not a new book, then again most guides are several years old by the time everything is accomplished and you can hold it in your hands.
So this version is only 25.00 plus Postage (its a heavy booklet - 2.5 lbs = approximately $5 media mail)