Something different for Christmas?

almost 5 years ago
Something different for Christmas?
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Here’s something different for Christmas, for the sailor who seriously has everything. I didn’t know whether to put it in the classified section or what, but it might be amuzing for everyone, so here it is.
Before I bought my real boat I spent a year building a radio controlled scale model of the original Colin Archer double ender fishing boat support ketch.
It measures 48” long including the bowsprit, 13” beam and 57” to the masthead and weighs 40 lbs.
It has eight radio control channels giving independent control of the jib, mainsail and mizzen and the staysail. It takes a bit of getting used to, but sails just like a real boat. The running rigging works just like a real sailboat.
It also has a variable speed electric motor in both forward and reverse, working navigation lights and lights below deck.
The sails are accurately stitched with double seams.
The “crew” consist of captain, two layabouts, a helmsman and two ships cats.
The decks are individually plank laid and calked, and the main mast can be easily removed for transportation.
It has a cradle for display and would look good in anyone’s front parlor, as it does in mine.
It is always the talking point at any model yacht venue.
But since I can’t take it with me on my proposed cruise I will sell it for $4,000.
Lots of pictures, some of which look like a real boat, available to interested persons.

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