V Drive boat for sale

over 4 years ago
 V Drive boat for sale
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Spokane, WA

1978 Howard "Color Blind". Original paint, slightly scorched in the rear and on the back of the scoop. Trailer is dented from a recent mishap and one axle is slightly bent but we towed it for over six hours at 70 mph without problems. This was purpose built as a race boat. No water pump or lines for the headers. Engine is a SBC 350 that is blown (I dont mean supercharged) it's likely a scrap long block. Has ran 79 mph on GPS with a LEGAL SE motor. (Bob, it only ran 76 when I cheated). Stringers are great and flow coat on the floor has some minor cracks. Weighs 2105 on APBA scale.
Some of the good: 10* Casale with prop release, currently has 1.12 gears, Rewarder headers, New MSD distributor, Legal SE class 600 CFM carb that flowed 670 when tested, Vortec heads (likely compromised) with 3/8" screw in studs and guide plates, roller rockers. Menkins prop that is stamped 11 1/2 X 14 but has been worked on. Demarco prop shaft seal/bearing. Gel type battery. Dual bolt pattern starter. Aluminum flywheel, 153 tooth. Sprint car style steering. Twin 11 Gal. stainless tanks.
Will sell without motor and include mount plates. Any interesting trades will be considered.
Asking $7K as is, 6K less motor. Have titles for boat and trailer.
Call Mel at 509-499-4978

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