SCAD PROFILE: Water, fuel or holding tank up to 8 tank monitoring

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Brand new display.
The Profile 1-8 tank monitor is the big sister to the Solo single tank monitor. It uses the same sensors as the Solo and allows you to install sensors on all of your onboard tanks. Start off with just the panel and your holding tank then add your water tanks once you see how easy it is to do.
The Profile 1-8 also has an additional input for an LPG sensor. Some newer LPG tanks used in the RV industry and soon to come in the marine industry have built in sensors. The Profile panel is ready to hook up to these with a single input wire when you're ready to upgrade your LPG tank.
The Profile Legacy corrects for odd-shaped tanks and sensor types. This panel is also compatible with nearly all sensor types available on the market today making them easy to both retrofit into an existing system or to install new. The Profile Legacy does not come with sensors. Order sensors separately.
Check manufacturer website for more details: Tank Monitors | Technologies LLC
Located in the Philippines. USD280 including worldwide shipping and I also offer you a slightly-used tank external sensor (not included when buying new monitor).

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