Sterling ProRegB Alternator Regulator

almost 3 years ago
Sterling ProRegB Alternator Regulator
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This is a barely used Sterling ProRegB Alternator Regulator.
I installed briefly but wanted some other features this unit does not offer.
Great regulator though.
Includes temperature sensor.
Complete manual can be found here: [URL="
tions.pdf"]ProRegB Manual/URL]
This regulator will work with either P-type or N-type 12V alternatores.
(currently set for p-type with jumper fuse).
Also has four battery type profiles (currently set to AGM).
You just set dip switches for the alternatives (see photo).
Includes temperature sensor.
Note that the leads are shortened for professional installation where a binding strip is used and all wires to batteries and alternator come to the binding strip.
(see pictures).
Equivalent current model (with lower alternator current rating) sells for $172.00.
Will sell for $100 including shipping via USPS.