Luke Anchor 100lb 3 Piece Galvanized

over 5 years ago
Luke Anchor 100lb 3 Piece Galvanized
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LUKE 3 Piece Galvanized Storm Anchor 100lbs Fisherman Style
Sells for over $900 new. Best Offer over $245.00
Please see eBay ad for additional information and pictures
The anchor was painted white as it was stored down below. I don't believe it was ever used.
Here's some information from the Paul E. Luke website:
The Luke anchor, modeled after the traditional Herreschoff or ?fisherman?s style? anchor, is your best choice for hard bottom conditions. Our anchor works extraordinarily well on rocky or coral bottoms, and bottoms heavily overgrown with kelp and marine growth. It is also an excellent choice when you aren?t sure of the bottom conditions at our anchorage.
Why do we call ours a ?storm? anchor? When the wind blows there is no substitute for putting weight on the bottom. Once the Luke anchor has been set, it will not bend or break. Our three piece design makes it practical to carry a heavy anchor on board, ready to be assembled and deployed when needed. When not in use, it can be broken down into easily manageable pieces, and stored out of the way in a locker or bilge.
NOTE: Buyer pays for and arranges for all shipping. Sale price does not include shipping. I have shipped anchors before using UPS Store. They will ship without packaging. Call your local UPS Store for pricing and details. I will drop off at my local UPS store for Buyer. Buyer must first determine cost and then add to final bid/sale price.
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