Dictionary of Nautical Terms

over 2 years ago
Dictionary of Nautical Terms
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I just updated the latest version of my Dictionary of Nautical Terms book on Amazon Kindle! I started this to help decode the world of boats and the lingo spoken by many boaters and brokers. It currently covers the most popular 3600 words and phrases used in boating, by boaters or brokers.
With an e-book, you get an update whenever I post an update (usually four times a year) so you don't buy a new copy each time. You don't need a Kindle book reader, since they offer free apps for just about all devices, iphone, iPad, Android, laptops, etc. to read their e-books. If you haven't looked into e-books, I would highly suggest you check them out since it will save lots of space aboard.
For those of you who have purchased a copy, I would appreciate a review.
If you click the link below, Janice will get a commission in her cruising kitty from Amazon!
or the direct link:
​I hope you enjoy my labor of love as much as I have.
Stuart Warren​