BBC Crane Hydraulic Roller Cam kit

almost 2 years ago
BBC Crane Hydraulic Roller Cam kit
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I did a cam change on a blown 540 for a guy, upgraded to solid roller, so he asked me to sell the parts I removed.
Cam is a Crane that I could not find a current listing for, but marked as 256 @ .050" and 372 (632 lift with 1.7 rockers) on a 112 LC.
Also includes a set of Crane hydraulic roller lifters, springs and retainers that were run with the cam, as well as pushrods (I will state that it's highly unlikely the pushrods will work with your application, as this engine had Jesel shaft rockers)
$500 for all, Summit is getting $490 for a Crane roller now, and their hydraulic roller lifters were pretty highly regarded.

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