Craigslist Boat, 70's Sanger Mini Day Cruiser V-Drive

over 2 years ago
Craigslist Boat, 70's Sanger Mini Day Cruiser V-Drive
Sun Cruiser
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Greenwood , Calif Posts 1,431

70's v-drive mini day cruiser / reasonable offer
Went and looked at this boat today . guy said he wanted 1200 for it so I drove out to see it.. It's rough but the stringers looked like they might be ok.. Had a down pedal and lock out by Stellings in it ,motor plates BBC and motor rails.. he said he had a 396 block to add to it as well... Dual Cable calgo style steering.. factory tach was replaced and so was the Factory throttle pedal.. interior was garbage.. been sitting since about 1990/91.. V-drive was removed along with mid plate (Missing).. did have a Rudder and propshaft with 3 blade prop and strut installed in it still.. trailer is rough as well and needs tires and a wheel bearing.. I told him its rough and they are asking more then I thought it was worth since v-drive and other parts were missing.. Hull I think is savable.. I bet they would take 700 for it if someone offered it or maybe less.. just hate to see a boat rot to hell and this might be worth picking up for the right person.. these guys basically let a boat sit outside for Many years uncovered.. its full of Palm tree leafs .. I thought the hull would be in worse shape from sitting but it didn't look too bad actually..

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