25 talon for sale 120+ mph va

about 4 years ago
 25 talon for sale 120+ mph va
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1 of the fastest rides around, best of everything , comes with spare 15k max machine drive, the engine has 88hrs, , i have 160k invested in the boat , if you have been to lake anna you have seen this boat, anyone that knows this boat knows i have spared nothing, and it is no mantinece , bullit proof 434 284 0485, the boat will run 120mph on pump gas 0% over driven at 7psi boost, i have a much more agressive setup for it that spins 16lbs at 32% over on 116 fuel, that will run over 130 and more if your sack is biggenuff, and loves the rough,
i never thought i would sellit it butt here it is 434 284 0485
quick break down 55k engine fuel sytem and electrics, 15k paint, 2 x15k drives, 12k cmi exhaust 40k for hull and steering and accesories stereo 2k, rigging 5k 160k invested 75 k