Para-Tech Sea Anchor Package

about 4 years ago
Para-Tech Sea Anchor Package
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18 Ft. Para-Tech Cape Horn Sea Anchor Package
This is a Para-Tech Sea Anchor package I put together for use on my 40' trimaran. Her weight was not an issue. Her width and windage were that's why I choose an 18' chute.
None of this equipment has ever been deployed in fresh or salt water.
Selling the Complete Sea Anchor Package only:
$1,400 + Packaging/Shipping.
This Sea Anchor Package Wt. 85.0 Lb
(1) 18 FT PARA-Tech Cape Horn Sea Anchor in Deployment Bag
(1) 100 Ft Trip Line & in Throw Bag
(2) Single Spiral Braided Nylon bridle lines 5/8" x 150 Ft; one end with SS thimble, the other end an Eye
(1) Single Spiral Braided Nylon Tow line 5/8" x 150 ft; both ends with SS thimbles
(3) Storage Bags for Nylon lines
(1) 5/8" SS Swivel with Eye & Fork Ends
(1) Drag Device Data Base (book) & Instructions for use
(1) VHS Tape (+DVD Backup) Depicting Anchor Storage & Deployment Methods
Sea Acnhor, Trip Line & Bag, Instruction Book Drag Device Data Base Book & Tape
Note: The swivel in this picture is not included.
Bridle Line & Stuff Bag with Thimble & Eye Ends
Tow line & Stuff Bag with SS Thimbled Ends
SS Swivel with Eye & Fork Ends
All Payments will be invoiced through Paypal.
Shipping from: Vancouver, Wa. USA 98663
Shipping will include packaging for items and shipping costs
Contact me through the Cruisers Forum Private Message system and we can make arrangements or answer questions.
Additional sea anchor equipment For Sale:
(4) SS shackles 1/2"
$80 + Packaging/Shipping Wt. 1.0 Lb Ea/4.0 Lb
SS shackle 1/2"
(1) SS Blue Line Flex Swivel 5/8" (Eyes each End)
$ 100 + Packaging/Shipping Wt. 2.5 Lb
SS Flex Swivel 5/8" with Eyes on each End
(4) RONSTAN (RF 6751) Snatch Blocks (Trunnion Head)
3 1/8"
1,260 + Packaging/Shipping Wt. 3.25 Lb Ea/13.0 Lb
Snatch Block - Top View
Snatch Block - Side View

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