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about 1 year ago
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I let my old sailboat go last year and decided not to buy another. I am leaving the boating hobby and selling all the sailing/marine gear in my garage. These are the pieces of safety gear that I used to single hand and travel offshore. These are:
West Marine SOSpenders with safety harness size Adult. This item is $70. This harness is in excellent condition. The CO2 cartridge has never been popped and it is not corroded in any way.
West Marine Ultimate Safety Harness. This item is $33. This harness is in excellent condition. I purchased this for use by guests, and I never took it out of the pouch.
West Marine 6' Safety Tether with Snap Hook and Snap Shackle. This item is $50. This tether is in excellent condition.
Jim Bouy Adult Safety Harness. This item is $15. This harness has some stains but no corrosion.
ACR C-Strobe, manually activated. This item is $12. This strobe was stored without the battery and is in excellent condition.
I used the Jim Bouy harness most often. Shortly after I decided to upgrade to the West Marine equipment, work took over my play time and I hardly got to use the fancier equipment, thus its condition is like new.
All the above prices are US $ and do not include shipping. All these items are located in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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