Triumph Bonneville for sale

almost 4 years ago
Triumph Bonneville for sale
Hagar TH
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Central Fl

1975 Triumph Bonneville 750. runs and shifts well.
I will post more photos tomorrow. Very honest bike with a few things that need correcting predominately the left side exhaust header leaks at the juncture to the cylinder. This bike would make a great candidate for total restoration which is what I was going to do with it.
I bought it less than 2 months ago and found out pretty quickly that due to a Viet Nam injury I cannot crank it because of the arthritis in my knees. Because of a fall I had a year ago breaking my wrist in 5 places I cannot work the clutch for very long.
I had no idea and it's a damn sad state of affairs but there you have it. $4500.00 (of course it leaks it's British)