Custom length offshore tethers

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Custom length offshore tethers
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Hey all,
I have been making custom length offshore tethers for cruisers who agree that the mass produced junk is too expensive and never sized properly. Am currently making single and double tethers at a fraction of the cost using a background in climbing and climbing-grade materials. Each order has been unique and tailored to individual needs, and I've spent about 15,000 miles this year testing out various designs and materials. Lucky for us sailors, there are a few good corrosion-proof carabiner options with a 24kN load capacity....
Offering the single "scrunchie" style with dogbone on harness end or double "lobster" style with one static length short tether and one scrunchie long running tether. See pictures for some more details. Can do whatever color tether/carabiner you'd like, but most people have opted for high-vis bright orange or red.
Pricing currently at $35 for single "scrunchie" and $55 for double "lobster" tethers plus $8 shipping. Discounts if you buy more than one, and $1 off if you recommend me a good new craft beer to try. Reply, email, or message me for more details and specs!
*Note in pictures I'm simply sampling the tether on a d-ring and dockline. You should always use at least 1" tubular webbing for your jacklines and have soft shackles or loops on your d-rings. Ask me why.
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